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The thermal efficiency of buildings has been a hot topic for many years as the UK government strives to meet its target of ensuring all fuel-poor homes are upgraded by 2030. Improving a building’s insulation has been singled out as the cheapest and easiest measure to help meet this objective. Significant problems can arise when insulation gets wet, either from incidental impact or from a combination of incorrect installation coupled with extreme environmental conditions. Damp insulation, if left unchecked, can lead to issues in years to come such as mould and fungal growth, condensation and damaged brickwork.

Multi-layered floor installations can be successfully dried using a combination of high-pressure turbines and desiccant dehumidifiers installed to either extract damp air or inject pressurized, dry air depending on requirements.

Extraction (suction) drying in the first instance is the preferred method for removal of excess free water from construction layers, typically following groundwater flooding. Damp air is extracted via a water separator and filter before being expelled from the building through an exhaust pipe. At the same time dry air is forced into the structure which creates high negative pressure as dehumidifiers lower the relative humidity in the room.

Injection (pressure) drying is one of the most effective methods of drying layered constructions such as walls, floating floors and concrete slabs where water has leaked into floor cavities or insulation layers. Dry, pressurized air is forced into holes drilled at strategic points in the various construction layers via a network of inter-connected hoses. As the temperature rises wet air is expelled under pressure into the room through a series of exhaust holes.


Traditional drying techniques may be the preferred option for drying historic buildings or those of conventional construction.

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