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Specialists in Building Drying

Bequip Ltd has been at the forefront of building drying following groundwater flooding and incidental water damage for over 30 years. We stock a comprehensive range of specialist damp detection and drying equipment including pressure fans, warm air fan heaters, dehumidifiers and specialist injection/ extraction drying equipment.

Incidental water damage caused by leaking pipes or defective sanitary fittings is commonplace and isn’t always evident to the naked eye. Using the latest damp testing technology we have the expertise to undertake structural damp surveys to confirm the cause, extent and levels of possible water impact.

Similarly, residual damp in new build construction, as a by-product of wet trades such as plasterers and floor screeders, can be a recurring problem for housebuilders, and condensation arising from excess moisture can still cause damage to a building’s fabric long after completion.

What we do

  • We deliver and install drying equipment suited to requirements
  • Monitor the drying process until a drying certificate can be issued
  • Offer practical advice and recommendations for structural drying
  • Undertake site surveys and damp investigations
  • Prepare survey condition reports for presentation to insurers
  • Stripping out and concrete surface grinding



Different building materials and construction techniques will influence drying methodology.


Detailed information on cause and extent of impact is key to effective drying.


Download a copy of our Drying Principles book here


Download a copy of our Drying Principles book here

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